Preferred Units

Users can view quantities in the metric or the US customary system. Both support measures of volume and of weight. You can adjust which kind of unit is most suitable for this food.
For example, fluids are usually measured as a volume in both systems, meat is usually weighed in both systems, and countables (such as eggs) are measured in number of pieces. If unsure, the metric system commonly uses weight, the US customary system more often volume.

Conversion factors

Foods can be measured by weight or volume. In different parts of the world using one or the other is more common. Calculating nutrition facts in both systems requires the conversion factor, which can determined from one example amount measured both as a volume and a weight.
Some foods are counted, rather than weighed, for example eggs. Providing an average weight of one or several pieces allows determining the nutrition facts for amounts expressed as pieces.

Weight Watchers

Nutrition facts

Supported measures: kcal, mcg, mg, g
If no measure is given, we'll use the default unit for that nutrient.